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Rhodes Wherry

We've got the boatbuilding experience, and we've got the technology to publish information in CD format. Why not combine the two? That's where the idea for our Boatbuilding in Pictures CDs began.

We have always photographed our work, but never to this extent. With a digital camera close at hand in the shop, we have been able to fully document boats being built, and in the process, provide you with views of the construction never before published, to the best of our knowledge. Frankly, it would be cost prohibitive to put this much color work in book form.

You'll not only see the backbone assembly, you'll see how the rabbet is fine tuned in preparation for planking. You'll not only see the planks going on, you'll see beveling the laps, cutting the scarphs, and cutting the gains. In short, you'll see these boats the way you would if you were working right with us. For a visual learner (and who isn't), these disks are a Godsend.


Rhodes Wherry CD

Let's talk specifically about this one...

This is the first CD in the series. Walter Simmons built a Rhodes Wherry in time to have some contemporary photos for use in Wherries. She was the first 10'-6" model built here at Duck Trap since Stimp Rhodes built his over the winter of 1898-99. She was a great little boat over a century ago, and she still is...certainly worth the building, and a lot of fun on the water.


Boatbuilding in Pictures: the Rhodes Wherry
This is what the cover looks like, and below are a couple of sample pages. They actually measure 8.5" x 11", just reduced and optimized here on this page to make the images load in a reasonable amount of time.
Rhodes Wherry page 29 Rhodes Wherry page 46

As you can see, this is a lot more than just photos. The page on the left, for example, describes fastening the garboard to the plank keel. But because this is illustrated with shop photos instead of words alone, you have the opportunity to see things that might not be included otherwise: the marking gauge used, the type and placement of clamps, the mirror used to inspect the fit inboard, and the fastening layout. The planking section alone runs 22 pages and has 47 photos.
Take a closer look.

The right-hand page describes assembly and installation of the daggerboard case, and again, the tools used are all right there in the photo along with three different views of the trunk. Did you realize that the easiest way to get the top trim right was to leave the sides taller than needed, so that it could be put in the boat temporarily and then marked from the thwart? That shows clearly on this page. There are actually a couple of additional pages just on making the trunk and the daggerboard.The joinerwork section consists of 15 pages with 31 photos.

And in addition to the Planking and Joinerwork sections, there is also a preliminary section dealing with setting up, and the final one that covers everything involved in rigging...building the rudder, sparmaking, and of course the actual rigging. The Appendix is chock full of information on plans, fastenings, and other useful stuff.

That is a considerable amount of information right at your fingertips, and we think, an exceptional value. And if you don't actually need one for yourself, it makes a great present for someone who could make use of it.

The Rhodes Wherry
(Boatbuilding in Pictures on CD)
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Building the Rhodes Wherry...90 pages/ 132 photos
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