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Matinicus Double Ender

For those who are uncertain, the name is pronounced ma-TIN-i-cuss.

From the Introduction...

I’ve always been attracted to double enders. Often perceived as the plain sisters of the shapely wherries, it pains me that they are so often overlooked by those searching for a really good time-tested boat. They are without a doubt one of the most sea kindly boats afloat as attested to by generations of Maine lobstermen... If you are looking for an excellent pulling boat, this is it.

The Matinicus Double Ender is a serious book for those seriously interested in learning how to build a classic wooden boat. It details the construction of two boats: a 15’-6” glued lapstrake sailing version, and a 15’ cedar planked pulling boat. Planking and timbering out alone span 4 chapters and 100 pages–by far the most thorough treatment of the subject anywhere.


This is the 15'-6" glued lapstrake model just after her thwarts were installed.


This is the 15' cedar planked pulling boat from the book.

The photo printed on the CD is from an original watercolor by Christine Knight Coombs. It depicts her son sitting on Freedom's rail, daydreaming.

This boat is a 16' mahogany planked Matinicus Double Ender with a vertical keel...the first built by the author way back in 1976. The 15' cedar planked version was just built, and is one of the two boats detailed on this CD. That's the boat afloat, just above.

Matinicus Double Ender cover

This is what the cover of the print version looks like, and below are a couple of sample pages. They actually measure 8.5" x 11", just reduced and optimized here on this page to make the images load in a reasonable amount of time.


Chapter 1 Background
Chapter 2 Tools
Chapter 3 Lofting Pointers
Chapter 4 Moulds
Chapter 5 Backbone
Chapter 6 Setup
Chapter 7 Planking Material
Chapter 8 The Garboard
Chapter 9 Planks 2-7
Chapter 10 Timbering Out
Chapter 11 Joinerwork
Chapter 12 Finishing Up

Cover Photo: Orin Ames lobstering at Matinicus in the late 50s.

In Chapter 8, we take the time to explain the easiest way to clamp an Okoume garboard for fastening (as seen here) and how to steam a cedar garboard to take the twist.

In Chapter 12, we discuss both the lug and the sprit rigs, but we also get into the finer points of making your own mast hoops and even how to modify a stock boat trailer to cradle your new double ender properly.



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Experience the entire process through 299 pages and 404 color photos.

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