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Littlest Boats

There are three boats covered on this disk: our Littlest Wherry, Littlest Yacht Tender, and the Skiff Youth Bed.

The littlest boats are only about 4' overall, making them the perfect size for a baby's cradle, or for one of the most striking coffee tables you will ever see. The youth bed is very close to being a 7' version of our own Maine Skiff, and is designed to accommodate a standard crib mattress.

One of the interesting things about these is that they go together just like their larger floating counterparts. That makes them an excellent introductory lesson in traditional boatbuilding...and this disk will by your instructor. We can't offer you hands-on instruction any longer, but this disk comes pretty close, because we had a digital camera right in the shop with us while each one was being built. Think of it as instruction without the need for Band-Aids.

If your intent is to build a cradle or a coffee table or a youth bed, and don't have any plans to go further, that's fine. (You need to be aware, however, that it seldom works out that way.) The disk actually provides more information than you will likely need. Then again, is too much information a bad thing?

Littlest Boats CD

This is what the disk itself looks like...the photo on it is of a freshly planked Littlest Yacht Tender.

But what's important, is what is on the inside, so here is what some of the pages look like...

Littlest Wherry page 10
This is a page out of the planking section for the Littlest Wherry, and as you can see, there is a great deal of information included on just this one page. On the off chance that you can't see it all that well (our eyes aren't getting any younger either), click here for an enlarged view.
Littlest Yacht Tender page 36

This is page 36 on the disk, and here we're getting into readying the backbone for the planking of the Littlest Yacht Tender. It's one thing to describe what a plank rabbet looks like, and quite another to be able to actually see what it looks like. The best, of course is to have the words and the pictures...which is just what you will find on this disk.


Click here for enlarged view.

Skiff Youth Bed page 70

And this page deals with installation of the rails on the Skiff Youth Bed. The job is easy enougn once you actually see how it's done...saves having to learn it the hard way.


Click here for enlarged view.

All things considered, this disk amounts to a considerable amount of information right at your fingertips, and we think, an exceptional value. If you don't actually need one for yourself, consider that it makes a unique gift for someone who could make use of it.

The Littlest Boats
(Boatbuilding in Pictures on CD)
US$25. + postage

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Building the Littlest Boats...101 pages/ 144 photos
Color =$50...... B&W=$30

Information on what's inside.

Plans ARE NOT included with this CD; they are sold separately. Here's where to get the information:

Littlest Wherry Plans

Littlest Yacht Tender Plans

Skiff Youth Bed Plans

By the way, the CD in its slim case weighs practically nothing,
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