Chisels and
Drill Bits

It doesn't take a lot of specialized tools to build small wooden boats, but there are some that you really don't want to try to do without. Our boatbuilder's bevels and holding irons fall into that category, as do low angle block planes and cordless drills. Other essential tools include the best 2" chisel you can get your hands on, and drill bits that will actually reach all the way through a rail. You've found both right here.
2" chisels

Everyone who builds a wooden boat needs a 2” chisel, and here are two excellent ones. We use both types, depending on the situation, but either one will help you cut excellent scarphs and gains with aplomb. The Marples chisels come with a slip-on plastic sheath to keep them sharp. Technically, these are “"used” chisels" because we take them out of their plastic packages and sharpen them to our own specifications before we ship them to you. Be careful when you open the package. These chisels will arrive ready to use, and they're sharp.

Buck 2” Chisel (yellow handle), sharpened @US$30. + shipping
Marples 2” Chisel (blue handle), sharpened @US$40. + shipping

Note: We have an extremely limited supply of both chisels,
and when they are gone chances are that we won't be able to get any more.

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Any good hardware store can probably sell you a jobber's length #29 drill bit. The problem with that is that they aren't long enough to reach all the way through the rails. They are also very handy anywhere you need to line up a fairly long hole for a rivet–boring down through an oarlock pad and through a rail, for example. We buy these for use in our own shop, and so have them on hand and are making them available to you.

6” HSS #29 Drill Bit @US$3.50. + shipping


Where backbone bolts are specified for our boats, they are all 5/16" diameter carriage bolts. Most of them require holes under 6" deep, and standard jobber's drills are seldom more than 4" long. That leaves you with a problem...either layout the bolt holes and carefully bore from both sides so that the holes meet in the middle, or simply get a longer bit. That's where these come in. Not only will these reach all of the way through in a single pass (provided you clear chips as you drill), but they are easier to line up so that they emerge where intended. These are American made, and they aren't inexpensive, but they will save you time and frustration, and they will last a lifetime.

12" x 5/16" Drill Bit @ US 23.50 + shipping

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We are very nearly out of these bits, and have just been informed of a major price increase, so if you are interested in ordering one it will not pay to procrastinate...

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