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Building the Alli8

Alli8 sailing

The introduction reads in part...

"Thinking of building a sailboat? Then you’ve made an excellent choice. Despite it’s diminutive size, this cute little sailing pram we have dubbed the Alli8 is a serious sailboat, and a lot of fun for kids as well as adults. Better still, building one is well within the capabilities of anyone with a modicum of common sense and a willingness to follow directions–which is, of course, the reason this book was written. It follows the entire process from beginning to end, and along the way delves into the background information you’ll need to think the process through.

You will find the style informal, even conversational, much like it would be if I was there with you while you are building your boat. And throughout, what is written is punctuated with line drawings and photos taken of the boat being built in our shop–lots of photos.

There are places where I will explain how things are done and how measurements are derived even though patterns for those parts are available. That is because this is not “Boatbuilding for the Complete Idiot.” Few people aren’t interested in learning, and fewer still build just one boat. So learning these things is part of the process of becoming better-informed and learning things that will continue to be of use to you in the future...

Building the Alli8 makes a thoroughly enjoyable project for adults and children to share. It could even make for an interesting and economical home schooling project. Never done anything like this before? “Experience,” as Pete Culler opined long ago, “starts when you begin.” The information you’ll need is between these covers–you have to supply the initiative."

Alli8 moulds

All of the dimensions for this simple form are detailed in this book.


Building the Alli8 cover

Building the Alli8 is available in three formats: CD, full color 8.5' x 11"
and a black and white version of the same size. The CD is coded for on-screen use only.

Alli8 CD

Now it's easy enough to say that it covers everything, but does it really? We think it does. Subdivided into 1o parts, it includes:

Section 1: The Design
Section 2: Building the Form
Section 3: Making the Keel & Transoms
Section 4: Laminating the Chine Logs
Section 5: Planking the Bottom & Sides
Section 6: Inboard Joinerwork
Section 7: The Sailing Rig
Section 8: Painting & Varnishing
Section 9: Rigging
Section 10: Time and Materials

That last section is included specifically for those who select this for a home schooling project. It includes the materials list, of course, but perhaps more importantly, it breaks the entire process down into its individual components so that it can be incorporated into a lesson plan. It even includes pages from the shop notebook showing how to best layout the pieces on plywood so as to minimize waste. The whole boat can be built with only four sheets, by the way.

This really is an ideal project for a parent and child or grandparent and grandchild.
Alli and I even made the sail, and you can too!

Here's a look inside...

Alli8 page 36


And remember, these pages are 8.5" x 11" and three times the resolution of what you see here on the screen, so you'll get a really good look at the detail photos.

Experience the entire process through 71 pages and 54 photos.

Building the Alli8

Compact Disk..................................$25
Full color book...................................40
Black & White book..........................30

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The plans, and even the lofting for those interested, are available from Duck Trap Woodworking.
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