Littlest Yacht Tender

This shot was taken before we even completed the first one...but the plans are completed and ready to go, and as you can see from the photo, she's close enough to being finished for you to see what she looks like.

We since completed this one and are well on our way to completing another. We'll put up photos of a completed one in a day or two...promise.

Hull Dimensions:
LOA=4'-0" Beam=2'-1" Depth Amidships=0'-11"
Wt=30 lbs (including the glass top)

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Here's a shot of her still on the bench.
Looks a lot like Sunshine, doesn't she?

Sunshine has been our most popular tender since the 70s, and with good reason. We've built 25-30 of them in our shop and have sold plans for hundreds more. Her appearance draws people in, and her handling characteristics make their owners lifelong devotees...even longer than that, actually. One friend even wrote his Sunshine into his will, and she's being enjoyed by his children to this day.

We designed the Littlest Yacht Tender for service ashore. She has the look and the feel of the original, but includes a cradle and a 1/4" inset plate glass top, making her one of the loveliest coffee tables you could ever hope to see.

This little lady is fun to build, and a great introduction to lapstrake boatbuilding (Boatbuilders don't use the phrase "getting your feet wet.") Construction is glued lap, and suggested planking stock is 4mm Okoume marine plywood. Because she's only 4' overall, we have combined the plans and the lofting, and so the entire 4-page set is drawn full size.They include: the lofting, construction plan, details, and plank patterns.


Plans for Littlest Yacht Tender Coffee Table US$75.00

Price includes delivery in the US.

See how she goes together on our Boatbuilding in Pictures CD...
The Littlest Boats

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CD...Boatbuilding in Pictures: The Littlest Boats

Or, if you would prefer a hard copy we have...

The Littlest Boats (printed in full color)................50.00
The Littlest Boats (printed in black & white)........30.00


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We should mention that like our Littlest Wherry, the Littlest Yacht Tender can be rigged as a baby's cradle. The hull is constructed in exactly the same way. The difference is that you will want to add a rocking base, and of course a platform inboard for the foam mattress. Both are easily done.

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