Littlest Wherry

We're best known for building wherries...big ones like the Newfoundland Trap Skiff, and little ones like the Rhodes model...but this is the smallest of them all, hence her name.

Hull Dimensions:
LOA=4'-0" Beam=2'-1" Depth Amidships=0'-9"
Wt=25 lbs (including pedistal base)

Construction CD available!
Boatbuilding in Pictures:
The Littlest Boats

Littlest Wherry cradle boat

Anthony sound asleep in his first wherry...

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. Looking at this photo, we can't help but agree. Even so, the beauty of a wherry cradle pales in comparison to that of its precious cargo. Approved by watchful moms and nervous fathers, the Littlest Wherry is safe and comfortable berth.

No babies in the offing? No about a wherry coffee table? The hull is built from the same plans. There is a page in the plans that details the coffee table base and glass tabletop. It also includes a rocking base that raises the cradle to the same height as the one in the photo.

Designed as the cradle for our youngest granddaughter, our Littlest Wherry is as lovely to behold as she is fun to build. Construction is glued lap, and suggested planking stock is 4 or 6mm Okoume marine plywood. Because she's only 4' overall, the plans and the lofting are one in the same, because they are drawn full size.

The plans consist of 5 pages: lines, construction details, plank patterns, pedestal (shown above), and details of rocking and coffee table bases. We thought initially that we would put out a print construction manual, but instead opted to annotate the plans, and then document the entire building process in pictures in CD format. So now you have the best of both worlds...full size annotated plans and a companion CD with plenty of color photos.

If you have been wanting to try your hand at boatbuilding, this may be just the project you have been looking for. She's small enough to be built in nearly any shop (or back bedroom), sufficiently detailed to challenge you, and lovely enough to keep you interested.

Make no mistake...
This is a cradle–it's not intended for use on the water.

Complete (5 pages) full size plans for the Littlest Wherry

Price includes delivery in the lower 48 states.

CD...Boatbuilding in Pictures: The Littlest Boats

The Littlest Boats (printed in full color)................50.00
The Littlest Boats (printed in black & white)........30.00

How to Order

'Love to have one but figure building it is out of the question?
We'll build one for you, or can provide you with a moveable hull,
all planked and ready for you to finish off.
Contact us for details.

In some areas it's difficult to find the marine plywood for the planking...
well, not really so hard to find as it is hard on the wallet to get it on special order from a local dealer. We have 4mm and 6mm planking stock on hand,
and can rough cut and ship planking to you via UPS. What does "rough cut" mean? It means we'll trace out the planks and saw them wide of the lines.
You have to plane them to their final dimesions.

Littlest Wherry

Ever wanted to create a family heirloom?
Here's your chance.

We realize that not everyone is as taken with wherries as we are, and should you feel that way, the Littlest Yacht Tender is an option you might want to consider. She is the same size as this Littlest Wherry, and looks for all the world like a 4' version of our tender, Sunshine. Have a look; it's only a click away.


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